Friday, April 07, 2006


Welcome to the Snarkives! Currently, all of June, July, and August have been indexed; fall and winter will be added sometime between the end of April and the next presidential election. My broken laptop plus a heavy travel schedule have led to a minor delay in indexing, but soon, a complete Snarkive will be online.

NEW!! Miss Snark's Second Writing Contest added!! Once she declares a winner this weekend (barring a Florida 2000-style controversy, of course), that will be added as well.

This is still a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions about recategorizing or creating additional topics for a certain post, please leave a comment or email me using the link in the upper right sidebar. Cash donations and gin fizzes also welcome.

Happy Snarking!
--Miss Adventure

Annotated Topic Index
In the right sidebar are all of the topic indexes, beginning with the two Crap-O-Meters, then subsequently listed in alphabetical order. Be warned: posts are filed in multiple categories, so you're not going crazy if you think you've read something before. By clicking on the topic name (for example, "Cover Letter Crap-O-Meter"), you will be sent to the location in the main column of that topic's individual posts.

Links to Individual Miss Snark Posts
In this main column are each topic index with a link to each individual post (and its comments) in the category. They are sorted oldest to newest in date, though sometimes, links were arranged to bundle topics discussed in multiple posts. These are all listed by title, though date is included. More topics will be added in time!


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